In response to the travel advisory for Missouri issued by the NAACP in summer 2017 a number of caucuses associated with the Conference on College Composition and Communication (particularly the Asian/Asian American, Latinx, American Indian, and Queer Caucuses) and independent members called for changing the location for the 2018 conference to be held in Kansas City, MO. The 4Cs Executive Committee considered the issue throughout the remainder of the summer and decided, through a closed-door process of discussion and voting, not to move the conference location. Instead, 4Cs would create a task force called the Social Justice Action Committee chartered to support local organizations and activist work and develop a number of methods through which conference goers could learn about and work on local issues. Over fall 2017 and winter 2017, conference chair, Asao Inoue, coordinated a number of smaller committees working under the task force as well as work conducted by other organizations meant to support and supplement the SJAC’s work.

More Information

You can read the joint statement from the Asian/Asian American, Latinx, American Indian, and Queer Caucuses on the conference citing on Google Drive.

To learn more about the membership’s response to the NAACP advisory, you can read a series of statements shared via Google Drive.

To learn more about Asao’s work and the work of the various committees that together comprise the SJAC, you should check out his blog.

Our Plans

4C4Equality played a small part in organizing the work described on Asao’s blog. We created a checklist bringing some of the many events and actions taking place together at 4C18. The checklist publicizes these events and actions, helps make conference attendees aware of the options they have to speak out and show up for local activists and organizers, and will help the SJAC determine what actions received support from the membership. Such information could prove invaluable in organizing at future conferences.

4C4E 4C18 checklist


The checklist will be available at registration and the the 4C4Equality table throughout the conference. There will be boxes that are clearly marked where you can deposit the checklist after you have filled it out. As we get closer to the conference we will include a photo of the boxes, so you know what to look for.

Additionally, we will be tabling with copies of our zine, Writing Networks for Social Justice, on Thursday March 14 from 1-2 pm and 3-4 pm (before and after the All-Attendee event) and on Friday from 1-3 pm. If you’d like to make a donation and pick up a print copy of the zine, you can do so then. We’ll update this information with the table location as we get closer to the conference.

Finally, 4C4E organizers will be helping to staff the all-attendee event on Thursday afternoon and the donation table.

See you in Kansas City.


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