Zine 2017: Writing Networks for Social Justice

*Note about cost: the suggested donation of $8 covers the cost of the initial print run and allows for the possibility of a second printing

Get a Print Copy

If you would like a copy of our 2017 zine,  please consider donating $8 to receive one printed copy. Limited zines are available, however we are working with constellations: a cultural rhetorics  publishing space to publish a webtext version of the zine in spring 2018.

Also, if you are attending the 2017 Feminisms & Rhetorics Conference or the Conference on Community Writing, see the information below about where you can obtain a copy during those conferences

Our zine includes the following contributions:
An image displaying the table of contents for the 4C4E zine

Fall Conferences: Feminisms & Rhetorics and the Conference on Community Writing

Feminisms and Rhetorics attendees: Meet up with Liz at FemRhet in front of the Exhibition area in Room M1400 in the Alumni Building after 9:15 am. Or email at elizabeth.t.lane [at] gmail [dot] com

Conference on Community Writing attendees: Get a copy from Don at Networking Happy Hour on Thursday, Oct. 19 between 4 and 5 pm in Ballroom East and at the Makerthon Tables on Friday, Oct. 20 from 10-11 am. Or email dunger1 [at] stedwards [dot] edu

Conference Attendee Donations

Donate to receive a copy of this zine through PayPal and Venmo.




We will post information about mail ordering copies outside of these conferences on Oct 29, 2017.


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