CFP: Writing Networks for Social Justice

At the 2017 Conference on College Composition & Communication in Portland, OR, 4C4E organizers will be circulating a zine that serves as a call for papers dealing with “Writing 4C4E 2017 Zine and CFPNetworks for Social Justice.”

Following the 2016 U.S. presidential election, American politicians–led by Donald Trump–and their sympathizers have stepped up legal and extralegal attacks on poor and working-class people, particularly immigrants, muslims, people of color, transgender people and queers, women, people with disabilities, and even children. To oppose these attacks, activist groups have organized national, regional, and local resistance. Activist-scholars have played a role in such resistance, from participating in high profile national actions–such as the 2017 Women’s March on Washington and A Day Without Immigrants–to carrying out day-to-day organizing in their communities. Our collection aims to document this important work and to address the role that writing plays in activism and local organizing.

In our call, we describe the questions that submissions should address, the collection’s theoretical and practical inspirations, the format that submissions should take, and how to submit your work.Proposal deadline is 1 May 2017.

You can view and download the full zine below, or access a simplified, text version of the CFP here.


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