4C17 Recap

For the 2017 Conference on College Composition and Communication in Portland, Oregon, we continued the efforts that we began with our mapping project in 4C16. But, the 2016 US presidential election demanded a swifter and more meaningful response than simply plodding along through traditional academic methods. We recognized a need to build alliances and coalitions, and we felt that academic and disciplinary bodies move far too slowly, speak too few people, and are so mired in disciplinary hierarchies that they would not be useful in initiating or bolstering such relationships. We wanted to establish a new mechanism through which scholar-activists carrying out local work could speak with one another and share strategies and tactics. We also wanted that forum to have a lower barrier of entry and a faster turn around time than double-blind peer reviewed academic journals.

We set our ideas down in a call for papers that we distributed at 4C17. Over the spring and summer 2017, we reviewed and provided feedback on proposals from faculty and graduate students around the country. We worked with these contributors to draft and polish these pieces, and we copy edited, laid out, printed, and began distributing a 68-page zine on activist work in writing, rhetoric, and literacy studies less than seven months later. Currently, we are working on a webtext version of the print zine, which will be published in Constellations in April 2018.


The pages nested in this section present our initial call for submissions and information on how to order a print copy of the zine.

For more information about the zine, you can check out a post we wrote for Teacher-Scholar-Activist as well.


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