Involvement Materials

This section describes some of our ideas about how conference goers can support marriage equality in Indiana. We’d love to hear your comments and additional ideas!


We’ve ordered 1500 vinyl stickers that we’re encouraging conference goers to wear to show support for marriage equality in Indiana.  Here’s the design:

4C4E sticker

They’re designed to fit nicely on the conference name badge.


We’re creating a postcard that briefly describes 4C4E and lets conference goers know about the state of HJR-3 and marriage equality in Indiana. On the flip side, the postcard lists a number of suggestions for how participants can show support for marriage equality throughout 4C14. Participants are encouraged to keep track of their participation and turn in the cards Friday afternoon or Saturday morning in order to receive a special item.

The checklist will also be available in an interactive digital form.

Most of the list items aim at visibility at the conference and within Indianapolis. We’re still working on list items that pertain to sustainability, addressing how issues pertaining to LGBTQ rights can be imbued throughout 4C14, in 4C itself, and in our universities and classrooms. If you have any ideas for list items, please share them in the comments.

4C4E Checklist PDF


In order to construct a map of LGBTQ-owned and -friendly businesses near the conference center, we drew from the Indy Rainbow Chamber website as well as other websites offer LGBTQ guides to the area. While we encourage conference goers to utilize the website, particularly if they’re venturing outside the immediate area, we also think it’s important to have a print version to distribute at the conference. A digital version will also be available here closer to conference time.

Customer Cards

Because we don’t want to channel all participation into discussions of how conference goers should spend their money, we think that there are ways to broaden spending to have an affective quality. For example, if you go to one of the businesses listed on the map mentioned above, consider leaving one of our customer cards. The customer card, a small as a business card, lets your server or store clerk know that you are in town attending the conference and that you have come to their particular establishment to demonstrate support for marriage equality in Indiana. The customer card serves to show financial support to the business and emotional support to the workers at said businesses. (With that in mind, remember to tip your server well!)

Customer Card for LGBTQ-owned or -friendly establishments:

4C4E Customer Card for LGBTQ Businesses

Customer Card for other Indianapolis establishments:

4C4E Customer Card for other establihsments.



As mentioned previously, we would love to keep track of how conference goers show support for marriage equality in Indiana.  Using our hashtag (#4C4E) and turning in the checklist are two important methods that help us do so.  When you turn in your checklist, you’ll receive a 4C4E button. Below you’ll find a mock up of the button button.

4C4E button

Petitions & Letters to Local Reps

At our table in the exhibition hall we’ll have iPad Minis that conference goers can use to sign petitions and submit letters to local and state representatives encouraging support for LGBTQ rights in Indiana.

Other Ideas

If you have any other ideas for how conference goers can participate and show support, please let us know by commenting on this page. We’d love to include other items on the checklist. Also, if you’re interested in helping to design or print any of the items on this list (or additional materials that you would like to include on the table), share those ideas as well.


One thought on “Involvement Materials”

  1. We’ve gotten feedback about adding gender-neutral bathrooms and trans and gender-queer safe spaces to the map we’re producing of the conference area. Awesome suggestion. We’d love to hear other ideas!

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